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Schedule of Appearances 2020

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Welcome to the 2018 appearance schedule for Hal C. F. Astell, representing Apocalypse Later, the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls, the Awesomelys, AZ Fandom, CoKoCon or just myself.

Here's where you can find out where I'll be doing things out and about, whether I'm running events, working events or selling at events.

Come on out and say hi. Whenever I'm selling my books, they will be priced at less than you'll see on Amazon and I'll be happy to sign them for you.

Note: of course 2020 was the year of COVID, so all the events I was running or working or presenting at were cancelled, with only two exceptions. Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention happened the weekend before everything locked down and TusCon was able to pivot into a brief virtual event.


Dates Event
March 8-10 Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 9
November 8-10 TusCon 47 Online

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 8

5th-8th March in Tucson, AZ

I'm very happy to have been invited back for a seventh year to MC the fashion show and costume contests and screen three new sets of steampunk short films from around the globe.



TusCon 47 Online

14th November in TusCon, AZ

Sadly, the physical TusCon for 2019 was cancelled, like most of the rest of the year's events, but they were able to pivot into putting together a brief virtual event. I took part in a pre-recorded panel reminiscing about previous years.


  • Sat, 3.00pm-4.00pm - One Time at TusCon on YouTube (with Will Herr, Bob Nelson and Bruce Wiley)


  • YouTube

Last update: 3rd April, 2021