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Media Appearances

Because I keep losing track of what I've appeared in and on, here's a handy list with links.

Quick List


2 Gay Geeks - Episode 181 (CoKoCon 2018)
Auteur Theory - Bonus Episode (Stereo and Crimes of the Future)
Cinema Head Cheese - Episode 100
Conair Radio - Hal C. F. Astell (CoKoCon 2018 and AZ Fandom)
Cult Film in Review - Episode 13 (Bad Taste)
Cult Film in Review - Episode 44 (Gymkata)
Horror Heroes - Episode 645
John Carpentcast - Episode 4 (Someone's Watching Me!)
Papago Presents: The Podcast - Episode 3


H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos panel at Phoenix Comicon 2015
Steampunk Fashion Show Highlights at Phoenix Comicon 2015
Cos-Talk with Dee and Hal Astell for CostumeTrek
One Time at TusCon panel at the virtual TusCon 47


Trailer for the short film Flight Fright
The short film A Familiar Fate

Podcasts and Vidcasts

Cult Film in Review

I've been honoured to guest on Cult Film in Review not once but twice. First time out, I got to choose my own film, so naturally picked my favourite movie of all time, Peter Jackson's Bad Taste (1987). I was later asked back to dissect Gymkata (1986).

Listen to Cult Film in Review Episode 13 (Bad Taste) and Episode 44 (Gymkata).

Papago Presents: The Podcast

I was interviewed on Episode 3 of Papago Presents: The Podcast and felt that it was important enough to cover Arizona film that I chose to sponsor the show, so you'll hear me (and others) reading my commercial for Apocalypse Later in various episodes.

Listen to Papago Presents: The Podcast Episode 3.

Cinema Head Cheese

My first book grew out of a set of reviews of "the worst films of all time" that I covered at Cinema Head Cheese, so they asked me to call in to talk about it on their centennial podcast episode.

Listen to Cinema Head Cheese Episode 100.

Horror Heroes

I had fun selecting my favourite kills from the Friday the 13th series for a special Friday the 13th episode of Horror Heroes.

Listen to Horror Heroes Episode 645.

The John Carpentcast

Chris and Nick at the John Carpentcast are working through every John Carpenter film, one per podcast. They asked a number of folk which titles they'd like to cover. I missed out on They Live but got my backup of Big Trouble in Little China. They also asked me to help out on Someone's Watching Me! which I was very happy to do.

Listen to John Carpentcast Episode 4 (Someone's Watching Me!).

Auteur Theory

Wanting to continue their journey through John Carpenter's films with other directors, Chris and Nick set up Auteur Theory to do exactly that and season one is David Cronenberg. I was very happy to be the guest on a special bonus episode that looked at the two short features he made at university.

Listen to Auteur Theory's Bonus Episode (Stereo and Crimes of the Future).

Conair Radio

Right before we headed up to Denver for Westercon 71, I joined Conair Radio to talk about my work at AZ Fandom and the upcoming CoKoCon 2018, which I'm co-chairing.

Listen to the Conair Radio episode named for me.

2 Gay Geeks

The 2 Gay Geeks supported CoKoCon a great deal, even recording a host of interviews at the convention itself. Before the con, they interviewed me about te upcoming con.

Listen to 2 Gay Geeks Episode 181.

Costume Trek

Nola and Brian at Costume Trek kindly invited Dee and I to be interviewed on an episode of their long running CostumeTrek YouTube series about fandom and what we do in it.

Watch Costume Trek's Cos-Talk with Dee and Hal Astell.


I've been on many panels at many conventions but most of them haven't been filmed.

Phoenix Comicon

However the fantastic Sean Hoade ensured that the H P Lovecraft and the Cthulthu Mythos panel at Phoenix Comicon in 2015 was filmed.

This is a brief clip only but we had the Awesomelys audience reenact Amily's death from Buffy the Vampire Slayer at a Phoenix Comicon.


Also, here's a panel called One Time at TusCon in which I appeared alongside Will Herr, Bob Nelson and Bruce Wiley at the virtual TusCon 47.

Steampunk Fashion Shows

I'm rarely in fashion shows but I MC a couple a year, under my steampunk nom de plume of Henry, Count Chaos. I've MC'd the Countess's fashion shows at Phoenix Comicon Comic Fest Fan Fusion since 2013 and those at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention since 2014. I took over MC'ing the costume contests at the latter in 2017 too, after the Countess lost her voice.

Phoenix Comicon

Watch edited highlights of the Steampunk Fashion Show 1 at Phoenix Comicon 2015 .

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention

Watch the complete Steampunk Fashion Show 2 at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 6.

Watch highlights of the Steampunk Costume Contest 3 at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 7.

Watch the complete Steampunk Fashion Show 4 at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 8.

Watch the complete Steampunk Costume Contest 4 at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 8.

Watch the complete Steampunk Fashion Show 4 at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 9 or most of it from a little closer 5.

Watch the edited Steampunk Costume Contest 5 at Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 9 with my bad jokes thankfully removed, an even shorter highlights reel 3, or, if you're a masochist, the the entire thing 4.

Thanks to the following for sharing these videos:
1 Bloody Rambling Productions, 2 Stephanie Lucas, 3 PaladinWest 4 Creative Play and Podcast Network, LLC and 5 Liubov Featherstone.


Flight Fright

I was an extra in Jim Politano's excellent short film, Flight Fright (2015), which he shot at Air Hollywood in Los Angeles in the plane next to the one they used for Airplane. It's not online yet, but you can briefly see me in the trailer. I'm sitting in one of the seats to the left of the screen and get up to help subdue the crazy passenger. I'm wearing an Apocalypse Later shirt and Jim's wife Karen was reading a copy of one of my books on the plane (though you don't get to see that in the film).

A Familiar Fate

I was two (count 'em, two) different extras in Justin Hackert's short steampunk western, A Familiar Fate (2012), which can be watched for free on YouTube. I'm the sleepy drunk at the end of the bar in the first half of the film and the dustered gunman with an oversized weapon (ahem) towards the end.


I had a great time being a couple of different extras in the marketplace scene of Mantecoza, a steampunk web series turned steampunk movie. I also provided most of the books on the bookstall. You can't see me in the trailer and the film is still forthcoming.

The Prometheus Project

My first job as an extra was in the underground cagefight scene in The Prometheus Project, which was renamed to The Frankenstein Syndrome and back again.

Last update: 3rd April, 2021