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Apocalypse Later Empire

Welcome to the entry portal for the Apocalypse Later empire, established in 2007! Here's where you can click on out to individual areas.

Here's a Schedule of Appearances so you know where I'll be selling my books and where my signings, panels and mini-film festivals are, and a Media page so you can listen to podcasts I'm on and watch videos I'm in.

The Film Review Site

I post my substantial reviews to Apocalypse Later, established 2007.

The Film Festival

I own and run the Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival with submissions, judges and awards.

The Imprint

My books are published through Apocalypse Later Press.

The Travelling Show

I program Apocalypse Later Mini-Film Festivals at conventions across the southwest.

The Blog

Shorter reviews and other film related material are posted to Apocalypse Later Now!

The Facebook Page

I maintain a Facebook presence for the Apocalypse Later Empire.

The Facebook Group for Steampunk Film

I also run a dedicated group for Apocalypse Later Steampunk Film.

Home Mail Hal C F Astell | Site Map